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Monday, November 20, 2006


I don't know how to fully explain this to you but this past weekend while I was preaching about Warfare Praying we had a woman in her 40's come to the Westside Campus and she had a demon in her by the name of Jerry. She was shaking violently and you could hear the demon actually speak. The demon said that he had been controlling this woman for 10 years. That he loved her and that he would not let her go. The voice sounded like a demon and she had this evil look in her eyes when she spoke. The woman had come to church because she wanted to be saved. She stepped forward during the invitation and began to convulse and our counselors took her outside and began to pray over her in the name of Jesus. Danny Furukawa and a host of people gathered around her. Danny asked the demon what his name was and the demon said "Jerry". Danny prayed in the name of Jesus and kept saying "the blood of Jesus" over and over again. Danny told the demon that this woman belonged to the Lord and told the demon that he would not have any power over her if she invited Jesus into her heart. The demon finally said, "Ok, I will leave. But I will come back". The lady then fell to the ground and when she got up she seemed extremely normal. But when everyone was hugging this woman the demon whispered in Danny's ear, "I'm back".

Now some of you might think this is a bunch of hogwash but I saw this woman and I know this is real. Do you think this is a bit ironic that this happened on the weekend that I preached on Warfare Praying? I don't think it's an accident that this happened on this particular weekend. It is a vivid reminder that Ephesians 6:10-12 is a reality. We MUST be careful. We must be people of prayer. Satan is pulling out all the stops trying to disrupt and destroy.

I looked it up in the Bible this morning and there are OVER 70 different times in the New Testament where you find the word or words "demons" or "demon-possession".

The Gospels are filled with stories of demonic warfare. Read Mark 1:32-34, Mark 5:1-20, and Luke 8:26-39. I am NOT trying to alarm anyone but I am trying to get you to arm yourself with the full armor of God. These are all signs that we are making a difference in Los Angeles and the devil would prefer for us to fail. Will you not read again the declaration to Satan from yesterday's post. Our enemy is alive and real according to I Peter 5:8. Let's continue to be faithful to the things of God. Understand who our enemy is and read again the notes from our sermon this past weekend.

In love,


If you missed the sermon from this past weekend you can watch it at


Caleb Kaltenbach said...


I totally believe it is real. I did an exorcism a few years ago in Paula Cracium's office. It was very similar except while I was praying the demon was cussing at me and the man threw up blood on Paula's carpet. Demons are very much alive and well.


Patty Cruz said...

Can you please keep us posted on this situation I have never heard of anything like this and it kinda freaked me out

A M said...

Pastor Dudley, I recently had an experience like this in a woman's bible group setting. The woman began suffocating and had to lay down.
She began to growl and convulse and cried for Jesus to help her. Another woman and I began to pray over her commanding the entity to release her in the name of Jesus. (We did this simply and calmly in full faith of the almighty power and dominion of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.) I commanded (and I meant it, even though done in a subdued manner not to scare anyone) that any entity not of the trinity (named explicitly) had to go.

I then asked the mighty angels of God to intervene, taking authority over it in spoken agreement with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the mighty Angels of God. Expressively claiming it bound, in Jesus' name and then commanded it to leave. We told it that it did not have permission or right to be there. We then asked the Holy Spirit to fill her.

She began growling and heaving in an upward manner as it was being expelled from her person. She then started to cry as it broke through.

Our group leader then led us into a united prayer circle as she received further assistance and full recovery.

PS The Lord showed me in an instructional dream to call on him using his name as a weapon when encountering bad entities. Too afraid (at that time, in my dream) to pray, and not knowing what to do, Jesus emphatically urged me to say his name directly at them, and they will vanish. Like the most powerful weapon in the arsenal I fought them off by the direct and forceful expression of "JESUS, JESUS, JESUS" like an automatic spiritual weapon...and guess worked!! (This was a direct sudden attack)

I immediately woke up "freaked out" to find an angel flying along my ceiling and to my surprise a HUGE white wing was pressed up against my arm. A protecting angel was right next to me.

He who is IN us is stronger than he who is in the world. Do not fear loved ones because not only is Father God's Holy Spirit in us but Jesus is with us, and for us, and so are His mighty Angels.

In Training said...

I just got the chills.