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Friday, November 24, 2006

A 64 year old suicide bomber. Grandma??? Is that You???

As I sit here in my office the Friday after Thanksgiving with a "I can't eat another thing" type feeling. I am mindful of how GREAT God has been to us. We have this remarkable Church and there are a host of people here today decorating the Church for our Christmas season. It's always one of the best times of the entire year. For me personally, I can't help but think of how many truly committed people we have here at the Shepherd.

Yet, in today's paper I read a story of a 64 year old Grandmother who became the first suicide bomber in 2 years by Hamas, over in Israel. Here is this woman who straps a bomb to her body and blows herself up near the town of Beit Lahiya. She had nine children and 40 grandchildren. She is so devoted to her cause that she thinks nothing of laying down her life for something that she believes in.

And then when I reflect back over my life, I have to ask myself if I am this committed to Jesus Christ. So often I complain and yet Jesus made it pretty clear that to follow Him that we would need to give up everything.

It is my prayer that this Thanksgiving as we reflect and remember the goodness of God, that our gratitude will lead us to a deeper level of commitment. Will you not take advantage of all that God has done for you, all that God has provided for you, for the many times He has protected you to recommit your life to HIM.

You see we should be so thankful for His grace and forgiveness that we ought to willingly lay down our lives for Him. But he does not want you to lay down your life by becoming a suicide bomber... He wants you to lay down your life in serving others, in loving others, in pouring out his mercy upon others. That we would die to self and live for others.

Can you take a moment and ask God to help you finish this year strong. Ask God to help you die to self. Ask God to help you LIVE for others. I think it was Dwight L. Moody who said "The world has yet to see a man who has fully dedicated himself to God... Lord, Willing I will be that man".

My question to you is quite simple. Can YOU be that man? Can YOU be that woman?
Or better yet, WILL you be that man? Will you be that woman?

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Leslie Birk said...

You read my mind!

My ex-husband is a muslim. As a young catholic woman being married to a muslim, I remember being frightened by, yet strangely envious of the level of faith these people have. One time comming face to face with a loving muslim mother who told me she would "be proud to sacrifice her son If God asked her to". Something I couldn't even begin to comprehend. Praise God, I don't have to.

The fact is a great majority of muslims are illiterate and subjected to the teachings of corrupt clergy. Many muslims have been living in hopeless situations for generations. Hopelessness leads to fear and desperation. Perfect pray for a corrupt agenda in leadership.

I have great compassion for such a lost and hopeless people. As a Christian blessed by the grace of God with the holy spirit, I pray for this enemy.

In Love,
Leslie Birk