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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Homecoming King, Queen...and the Jester

Homecoming King, Queen...and the Jester - Yes, I like to laugh and cut up from time to time... Last Saturday night was the Homecoming for Hillcrest Christian School. I had my picture taken with the King (Mitchell Ramos) and Queen (Alescia Penn). Do they look like movie stars or what????? I hate to reveal my age but I remember when both of them were babies and have watched them as they have become young adults. King Mitchell is wanting to be a minister and Queen Alescia has been active in our church her entire life.

Now as God would have it, two of my best friends in the whole world are their fathers... Marty Ramos (The King's father) and Dale Penn ( the Queen's father). Marty is my motorcycle buddy and he and I have ridden dirtbikes on almost every trail in Southern California. I do NOT know of a MAN in our church that has invited as many people to church as Marty has. Dale Penn has been in my LIFE group for 10 plus years and is currently serving as an Elder in our church. He has been a trusted advisor and spiritual counselor. I love both of these men for many reasons, but as I stood beside their children this past Saturday night at Homecoming I fully realized the extent of their Godliness. You see these children are mirrors of their parents. Marty and Christine Ramos and Dale and Karen Penn have faithfully raised their children in the ways of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). Good children do NOT just fall off the tree. It takes a lifetime of modeling Christ to raise a King and a Queen. My deepest respect goes out to moms and dads who instill Christian qualities in the lives of their children.

I want to thank Hillcrest Christian School ( for coming alongside moms and dads, helping us as we educate and raise our children in the ways of the Lord. I also want to thank Marty and Dale for being men of God who, along with their wives, have left a royal legacy. Lastly, I want to encourage King Mitchell and Queen Alescia to follow in the ways of their parents for the rest of their lives.... And Lord willing I, the Jester, will get to smile and laugh as I see Marty and Dale become grandparents--and possibly great-grandparents--in the next 20 years... Man you guys are getting old.... hehehahahahahehahhaha


mediashout^_^ said...

It's great to know that there are other parents like mine out there. I feel so blessed to be raised by wonderful-"strict" :) parents but it makes me sad to see parents who don't care about how there children do in school and in life. I volunteer at a charter school in Granada Hills and a lot of those kids' parents don't even bother to help the kids out in school. I've seen so many kids get kicked out of that school because of the problems that start at home........


~Cindy E.

Anonymous said...

hi pastor dudley!
The High School girls ministry here at Shepherd has a blog as well. It's
May I put a link to your blogsite on ours? I think the girls would have fun reading about what's going on inside the life of their pastor!
I hope you are doing well. P.S I had a good talk with Kerri the other night at the volunteer appreciation spectacular. She is really wonderful. I can't wait until she's in junior high! She'll be an awesome leader. Have a great day today!
peace, Dominique Penn